Meet founder Luvuyo Ntshayi and how he made his Taxi Live Africa dream a reality.

1. What motivated you to start Taxi Live Africa?

By identifying a gap in the market and a love for technology.   I wanted to help to transform South Africa e-hailing with locally developed technology that would provide an APP to empower both local meter-taxi owners and drivers who felt they had been left out of the e-hailing revolution in Africa.

By establishing Taxi Live Africa this has also created new job opportunities where young South Africans can learn how to engage and help to ensure a comfortable journey is experienced by both passenger and driver.

2. Where were you educated?

As the first child in the family to do so, I completed my matric in 2005 at Selelekela High School in Soweto. That was followed in 2006  by  business management NQF Level 5 at Stardford Computer and Business College.  In 2012 I completed my National Diploma in Human Resource Management.  During the same year I registered for Bachelor of Business Administration Degree.

3. Where are you from and what was your first job?

I was born in Queenstown Frontier Hospital in the Eastern Cape and raised by my grandmother in the slowly developed rural homestead Lady Frere.

Coming from a disadvantaged educational background at home, and having to rely on my grandmother’s old age income I had to start working in the Farms in De Doorns during school holidays at the age of 15.

Then in 2008, after my studies,  I joined the Department of Correctional Services to work as prison warder. I then furthered my studies and in 2014 I got a promotion in the Department of Rural Development as a principal HR Officer.

My dream to become an entrepreneur took me into my first business of detergent manufacturing, which gave me the confidence to carry on in the private sector and follow my passion.

4. Who else is partnering with you?

My business partners are Mr Soyiso,  Frank Qotyiwe and Mr Desmond Nobuntu.

5. What is your big dream and inspiration

My big dream is to see Taxi Live Africa operating not only in South Africa but to roll the business plan out to many other African countries.   I’m inspired by taking risks. Starting something said to be impossible to achieve, seeing people go for something new, gets my ideas and creativity expanding. Playing a vital role in the development of my country, creating  job opportunities and inspiring other young people to believe in business development and do more to reach their own dreams.

6. What is your best strength in terms of business?

I think my years in government taught me to plan strategically and understand how to problem solve.  This has given me a strong foundation when I started Taxi Live Africa.  The App needed to be properly developed and the success of the business rested upon strategic planning skills and not being afraid of decision making.

7. Who is your history hero?

I have two heroes, Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama.  They both display courage and integrity, which I also hold as important pillars of my life.

8. What sport do you prefer and who is your main sport hero

My sport preference is Soccer and my main hero is David Beckham.

9. What is your message to other young entrepreneurs

Believe in yourself; be patient and optimistic. Being a successful entrepreneur often means learning from those who have already accomplished their dreams, find yourself a mentor, rather try and fail than fail to try and always think of the impossible made possible.


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