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How does the fleet company App work?

Driver / Company Application:
Company can now register themselves by sending the details to the Taxi Live Africa Admin for Approval.

Our fleet app summary dashboard allows you to filter Weekly, Daily or Monthly trips completed driver their earnings.

Drivers have the option to register themselves through the App by submitting the
necessary documents and choosing under which company they work for.

Drivers has option to recharge from the App to take trips.

View car requests – date, time, pickup point, drop point, approx distance etc.

Driver has to recharge to take up the Rides.

Street Pickup: T​he Driver can start a trip with any booking request.

Driver can get credit if they introduce new passengers to the system.

Drivers can view their Driver Ratings, Ride Acceptance and Ride Rejection percentage on the home screen of their app.

Drivers can accept/decline ride requests
When driver declines a request,  the request will automatically go to the next
nearest driver and this can be rolled up till the next 3 drivers. The request can then be routed to the fleet admin if the last driver rejects the request too.

Once the Driver accepts the Trip Driver has to enter the PIN number from the
customer to start the Ride.

Change availability status to ‘Occupied’ or ‘Free’

Call or Chat with passenger

Accept the trip – So Job can be assigned/accepted

Arrived & waiting – Which informs passengers that driver has arrived at the location
Start the trip – So auto calculation can trigger

End trip – So auto calculation can happen and amount will be displayed

View total distance covered, the total time required including/excluding waiting
time to provide a total time spent on the trip.

Auto calculate the fare based upon distance, per km rate and waiting time

The Driver will have an option to manually Start and End trips.

Driver have an option to check the “Heat” in an area and can switch their location
inorder to get maximum bookings.

Drivers can also give passenger reviews and ratings.

Fleet owners manage driver and have the responsibility to submit to Taxi Live Africa the reason for actions taken with their drivers.

What is the Taxi Live Africa App?

The Taxi Live Africa App is an e-hailing application that allows passengers to request a Taxi-Live Africa driver using their smartphone. The app automatically connects you to the driver closest to your address, which means the driver will arrive within a few minutes.  You can start using our App immediately.  Download the Taxi Live Africa App for: Android and IOS.

Is Taxi Live Africa a less costly e-hailing app?

Taxi Live Africa offers more competitive prices per km to passengers and a better commission rate to its registered drivers.

How do I pay for my journey?

At your final destination, your pre-loaded debit or credit card will be billed and an invoice sent to your email address. Cash payments are also available and this option must be selected before you request your ride.

When do I pay for my journey?

At your final destination, your pre-loaded debit or credit card will be billed and an invoice sent to your email address. Cash payments are also available and this option must be selected before you request your ride.

How do I download Taxi Live Africa?

Downloading Taxi Live Africa is easy. You can download the App from your tablet or smartphone. It only takes a couple of minutes depending on the speed of your device.  Once you have completed your profile details you can start your journeys with us immediately. Click on the icons to download the Taxi Live Africa passenger App for:  Android (search ‘Taxi Live Africa’)and  iOS (search ‘Taxi Live Africa’)

How many types of taxi's are there to choose from?

We accept sedan, hatchback and 7-seater+ vehicles that are registered from 2014.

What is the criteria for TLA drivers?

All drivers using our App must comply to our standard requirements and have insurance and a road worthy permit. The driver must also possess a valid driver’s license and complete our registration process

What is the criteria for vehicles?

We accept sedan, hatchback & 7-seater+ vehicles that are registered from 2014.

Do Taxi Live Africa drivers have passenger insurance?

Yes, part of our driver registration requires insurance certificates and PDP (Public Drivers Permit)

How can I contact Taxi Live Africa if I have a question about my journey?

For your peace of mind TLA has a support desk in Gauteng and Durban.

The support desk email address is:

Office hours:Monday-Friday
08h00 am-16h00 pm

Office contacts;

Gauteng: 011- 480 4841/2

Durban: 031- 313 3336


Gauteng; Suite 24, 1st Floor
8 Hillside Road

Durban;Suite 24 2nd Floor
102 Stephen Dlamini Road

What devices is the Taxi Live App available on?

The Taxi Live App is available on any smartphone or tablet, such as Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.

Can I request a Taxi Live Africa Driver if I don't have a smartphone?

No you cannot, you need to have a smart phone or ask a friend/family who has the Taxi Live Africa app to request a driver.

Can I comment about my journey?

At the end of your journey you can rate your trip and driver to help us better improve your overall experience.

Do I need location services to be turned on in order to use Taxi Live?

If your locations services are not turned on you will be prompted to do so when opening the Taxi Live Africa app.

Can I pick my Taxi Live Africa driver?

Upon requesting your journey, you’ll automatically be connected to a Taxi Live Africa driver closest to your location. We are developing a preferred driver feature soon.

Can I rate my Taxi Live driver?

Yes, once your journey has completed the Taxi Live App will take you straight to a star rating, so you can rate your driver.

I have lost/found an item in a Taxi Live vehicle

If you have left an item in a vehicle which was booked through Taxi Live Africa, we will do all we can to trace our driver and return your goods to you. If you have found an item which does not belong to you, please hand it to your driver.

Taxi Live Africa has a local office in South Africa. Our office hours are from 8am to 5.30pm.

Should you have any questions you can phone/leave a message: +27 (021) 447 0495.  or send an email to We will respond to your email within 24 working hours.

Please visit our website at